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Sure we also have food. Classics like Chili con Carne, Burgers (Veggies and Non Veggies), Salad, Sandwiches and surely Pinoy food like Adobo are available.

Besides that, in our neighborhood there are quite some great food places ...
Have you ever tried Crocodile before?
Or how about some raw fish in vinegar (like Ceviche)?

We prepared a map for you so that you find the different restaurants and food choices.


Try our shakes !!! We have guests coming back just coz they miss the taste :)

Our Kitchen

"It's great to be able to cook something" is a sentence we hear often from our guests.

Yes, our kitchen is free to use.


Surely we serve breakfast:
(you will not regret it)

The "classic" Bugoy comes with egg of your choice, bread, cheese, jam, tomato and cucumber

Muesli with Fruits and Milk or Yoghurt

"Honesty" Fridge

The honsety fridge is a concept we borrowed from Batanes, Northern Philippines.

Just take your drinks and either write it down and pay at the end of your stay or pay right away into our "honesty" box.

On the house

Coffee, Tea and Water is FREE!!!